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Hydraulic Actuator

Hydraulic actuators work with system pressure. They perform perfectly on all quarter turn valves. They are the actuator type that is frequently preferred in various industrial plants. Hydraulic actuators can be upgraded with emergency shutdown, fail safe and line break features according to customer requirements.


Actuator Type Hydraulic
Mechanism Type Scotch Yoke
Operating Pressure Acc. To Customer Specs.
Operating Temperature -60 / +150 °C
Applicable Valve Type Ball / Plug / Butterfly
Applicable Valve Size Acc. To Customer Specs.
Emergency Shutdown (ESD) Available
Power Source Acc. To Customer Specs.
Connection Standard ISO 5211
Test Standard Acc. To Customer Specs.
Certification Atex 94-9-EC / SIL Applicable


Hotspot image
1 Stainless, locked cabinet.
2 Manual pump is inside the cabinet.
3 All tubings are stainless material.
4 All moving parts are stainless material.
5 ESD design is applicable according to customer requirements.