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Subsea Ball Valve

Subsea ball valves are designed to work under conditions that are corrosive and extremely difficult to intervene.They are used in oil & gas industry for their high sealing performance at low pressures and easy on-off operation at high pressure applications. Since the ball is mounted with top and bottom trunnions, torque values are low. Subsea ball valves have double block and bleed features which allows the body cavity to drain from both upstream and downstream ends.

Size Range
1 13/16" – 21 1/4"
Pressure Ratings
5000 - 20000 psi
Full - Reduced Bore
End Connections


Valve Size 1 13/16″ – 21 1/4″
Valve Type Trunnion
Body Type Bolted
Pressure Class 5000 – 20000 PSI
End Connection RTJ
Bore Full Bore / Reduced Bore
Operator Gear / Actuator
Material Carbon Steel / Stainless Steel / Duplex / Alloy Steel
Operating Temperature Low / Standard
Design Standard API 6DSS
Face to Face Standard API 6DSS
End Connection Standard API 6DSS
Test Standard API 6DSS
Fire Safe Standard API 607 / API 6FA
Certification EN 10204 3.1 – 3.2 / 2014-68-EU PED / SIL Capable / IP 67 (Gearbox)